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by Scott Westerfeld

Uglies Technology and Modernization Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

A voice came into Tally's head: "Warning, restricted area." (6.51)

Even toward the beginning of the book, we see how that technology is used to direct people. (Still, we know the system can be tricked by the clever trick of… taking off your ring.)

Quote #5

But flying didn't feel the same. She was alone, it was getting cold at night, and no matter how fast she flew, Tally was trapped, and she knew it. (15.6)

We almost put this in "Freedom and Confinement," but it snuck through the fence and ended up here. Here, Tally's hoverboard isn't what makes her feel confined; what makes her feel confined is the society and Dr. Cable. The technology almost makes Tally feel free here—almost.

Quote #6

Dr. Cable pointed at the wallscreen, and an image appeared. Like a mirror, but in close-up, it showed Tally as she looked right now: puffy-eyed and disheveled, exhaustion and red scratches marking her face, her hair sticking out in all directions, and her expression turning horrified as she beheld her own appearance. (16.69)

This is Cable's method of blackmailing Tally, and note what an important role technology plays here. Dr. Cable uses one technology (the giant wallscreen, best used for watching Game of Thrones) to show Tally the consequences of withholding access to another technology (the surgery).

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