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by Edgar Allan Poe

Ulalume Resources


Ulalume Short Film

This is a full-on original short film based on the poem, not just your usual You Tube slideshow.  Definitely worth a peek. 


Jeff Buckley reading "Ulalume"

A recording by the singer Jeff Buckley, who died young, like Poe.  A spooky poem for him to be reading for sure, and the weird instrumentals make it even more intense.

Radio Theatre Group: "Ulalume"

A crisp, clear reading of "Ulalume," with some eerie background music.

Another Reading of the Poem

We think this reader does a great job of capturing the feeling of this poem.  You can here him really chewing on each of those words, tasting them, which is exactly the point.

Photos and Pics

A Sketch for the Poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

The famous artist made this illustration for Poe's poem.  Not a finished masterpiece, but it's fun to see these great minds working together.

A Set of Illustrations of the Poem

We're not sure who was responsible for these, but we like the style.


A painting of the goddess Astarte by the American artist John Singer Sargent.  From a mural in the Boston Public Library.  Notice that she's standing on a crescent moon.


Knowing Poe

An award-winning interactive Poe website.  Definitely worth checking out.

Historical Versions of the Poem (Poe Society of Baltimore)

A site that lets you check out some of the many published versions of this poem.  It's worth a look to see the ways in which this poem changed over time.  Actually, this whole site is worth your time.  Poke around.

Biography of Poe

A page with a good comprehensive bio of Poe and some other useful information.

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