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by James Joyce

Gerty MacDowell Timeline and Summary

Episode 13: Nausicaa

  • At 8pm Gerty MacDowell is seated on the rocks down on Sandymount Strand.
  • Her thought is rendered in the style of a romantic girl's novel.
  • She daydreams of Reggy Wylie, a young boy who used to bicycle up and down outside her window.
  • Gerty imagines getting married.
  • She remembers her father, who was a drunk and was violent in the house.
  • Gerty's nephews are playing ball, and it rolls over to Bloom. When he tries to throw it back he accidentally sends it over in Cissy's direction.
  • Looking at Bloom's face, she thinks it is the saddest she has ever seen.
  • With the sound of a nearby temperance group (religious group preaching moderation) in the background, Gerty slowly lifts up her skirts so that Bloom can see her underwear.
  • She basks in his gaze and imagines a life together.
  • When a Roman Candle shoots up, Bloom has an orgasm as he is off masturbating behind a rock.
  • Gerty stands up to move on, and he realizes that she is lame in one foot.

Episode 15: Circe

  • Gerty appears briefly in one of Bloom's masochistic dreams in Nighttown. At first she seems to yell at Bloom for masturbating to her, but then says that she enjoyed it.