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by James Joyce

Haines Timeline and Summary

Episode 1: Telemachus

  • First we hear of Haines is that he has been up all night raving about a black panther, and that Stephen wants to kick him out of Martello Tower.
  • When Stephen descends for breakfast, Haines apologizes for keeping them up all night.
  • Haines goes to open the door and let in the milk woman.
  • After the woman converses with Buck Mulligan for some time, Haines begins to speak to her in Gaelic. Buck Mulligan announces that Haines thinks they should speak Irish in Ireland.
  • Haines remembers that he has to visit the national library.
  • He announces to Stephen that he would like to make a collection of Stephen's sayings, if Stephen will let him.
  • Buck Mulligan announces that Stephen has a theory of Hamlet, and briefly summarizes it. Haines is confused and thinks that Stephen has involved himself in the theory. When Stephen asks for money in return for the sayings, Haines laughs and says he could probably get some.
  • Haines continues to question Stephen about his Hamlet theory.
  • Haines goes on to tell Stephen that he read a theological interpretation of the play having to do with the Father-Son business that he thinks Stephen's theory is about.
  • Haines laughs as Buck Mulligan sings his blasphemous "Ballad of Joking Jesus," and then feels bad for doing so. He thinks that Buck Mulligan's good humor makes all that he says not seem so bad.
  • Haines asks if Stephen is a believer in the narrow sense of the word. When Stephen retorts that he thinks there is only one sense of the word, Haines offers him a cigarette before agreeing with him. Haines says that he personally can't go in for the idea of a personal God, and assumes that Stephen feels the same way. He does not.
  • Haines thinks that Stephen is free, and that he is his own master. Stephen tells him that this is not the case, that he is the servant of Britain and of the Roman Church.
  • Haines understands Stephen's hard feeling, and says, "We feel in England that we have treated you rather unfairly. It seems history is to blame" (1.307).
  • Haines goes on that he is a Britisher and says that their current national problem is that the country might fall into the hands of German Jews.
  • When Buck Mulligan asks if Haines would like to swim, he says that he's going to wait until his breakfast has settled.
  • As Stephen takes off, Haines says that he hopes he will see him again.

Episode 9: Scylla and Charybdis

  • When the librarian comes in to join the discussion between Stephen, John Eglinton, and George William Russell, he reports that Haines is very enthusiastic about Hyde's Lovesongs of Connacht and that he has gone out to the bookstore to buy it.
  • Later, as Stephen and Mulligan are about to leave, Stephen thinks to himself that he looks like Haines traipsing along behind Buck Mulligan.

Episode 10: The Wandering Rocks

  • Buck Mulligan and Haines are getting coffee.
  • Mulligan points out John Howard Parnell, Charles Stewart's brother, playing chess in the corner.
  • Mulligan tells Haines that he missed Stephen's Hamlet discussion, and Haines says Shakespeare is "the happy hunting-ground of all minds that have lost their balance" (10.582).
  • The onelegged sailor passes them.
  • Haines wonders that Stephen has such a fixed idea in his head, one so focused upon morality and a sense of destiny. He thinks that this cannot be found in the Irish myths.
  • Mulligan predicts that Stephen will write something in ten years, and Haines thinks that is a long way off.