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by James Joyce

Hugh (Blazes) Boylan Timeline and Summary

Episode 4: Calypso

  • The first time we hear of Blazes is when he has sent a letter to Mrs. "Marion" Bloom, which Leopold finds upon returning home from the butcher.
  • When he gives the letter to Molly, she hides it under her pillow. Later, when Leopold asks about it, Molly says that Blazes just wanted to tell her that he would bring the programme to their next show together.
  • Both Bloom and his daughter Milly mix up Boylan with another songwriter named Boylan, and Bloom thinks of "Blazes Boylan's lovely seaside girls," a line from the song.
  • Toward the end of the episode, Bloom remembers a time that Boylan and Molly danced after a show, and he thinks that must have been the first time "it" happened.

Episode 6: Hades

  • On the way to Dignam's funeral, Mr. Power, Marty Cunningham, and Simon Dedalus salute Blazes from their carriage. He lifts his hat in respect, and Bloom wonders why they all like him. Instead of acknowledging Boylan, Bloom examines his fingernails.

Episode 8: Lestrygonians

  • While thinking about places to put ads, Bloom suddenly wonders if Boylan has an sexually transmitted disease.
  • Bloom recalls a time that he was walking home under the moonlight with Molly and Boylan. He wonders if they were touching.
  • In Davy Byrne's pub, Flynn starts talking about Boylan's betting habits and Bloom tries not to pay attention.
  • Toward the end of the episode, as Bloom is about to duck into the National Library, he sees Boylan in a straw hat and nice clothes. Bloom panics and hides from him, slipping into the library without Boylan's seeing.

Episode 10: The Wandering Rocks

  • Boylan has a fruit basket prepared to be sent to someone. He makes small talk with the girl in the shop, and when given the opportunity, peeks down the front of her blouse. He flirts with her shamelessly, takes a carnation from her, and puts it in his teeth.
  • Later, he returns to his office and his secretary, Ms. Dunne, reminds him he has an appointment with Lenehan at the Ormond Hotel at 4pm.
  • When the viceregal cavalcade passes by him, he salutes elaborately.

Episode 11: Sirens

  • Shortly after 4pm, Bloom sees Blazes hat as he makes his way to his meeting with Lenehan at the Ormond Hotel. Bloom decides to follow him.
  • Boylan flirts with Miss Douce, the bartender, and when he realizes it is four he makes to leave.
  • Lenehan follows in tow because he wants to tell him about Tom Rochfrod's invention.
  • When Bloom hears him leave, he lets out a "light sob of breath" (11.291).

Episode 12: Cyclops

  • Boylan comes up briefly in discussion at Barney Kiernan's pub. The men mention that he made a killing in a boxing match, and Lenehan announces that he lost money in a horse race.
  • When someone asks if Boylan is managing Molly Bloom's tour, Bloom says that he is and says that he is a very good organizer. The narrator guesses that Boylan is having an affair with Molly.

Episode 13: Nausicaa

  • Bloom has just finished masturbating on the beach at Sandymount Strand. It's a bit after 8pm. Thinking of Molly, Bloom considers that now Boylan is with her. Bloom's watch stopped at 4:30 and he wonders if this is somehow related to Molly and Boylan's sleeping together.

Episode 15: Circe

  • Inside Bella Cohen's brothel, Boylan appears in some of Bloom's more masochistic dreams. First, an imagined mantamer Mr. Bello Cohen taunts Bloom with images of Boylan and Molly in bed.
  • Second, Bloom imagines Boylan coming for this sexual rendez-vous with Molly. Bloom is there as a servant.
  • Boylan greets Bloom and hangs his hat on an antler hatrack. He asks if Molly is in, and Bloom says she is in the bath.
  • Molly gets out and greets Boylan. Molly says that they can let Bloom watch on so he can scourge himself.
  • Boylan says, "You can apply your eye to the keyhole and play with yourself while I just go through her a few times" (15.814).
  • Bloom asks if he can bring some friends and take a picture. He asks if Boylan needs any lotion or anything.
  • Boylan and Molly moan, and Bloom cheers them on.

Episode 16: Eumaeus

  • Bloom briefly thinks that maybe Molly wasn't home when Boylan came over, but dismisses the thought.

Episode 17: Ithaca

  • Wandering about his house, Bloom notices that Molly and Boylan have made no effort to hide their adultery.
  • Boylan's betting tickets are still in the kitchen (he lost on Sceptre). The living room furniture is re-arranged so he and Molly could sit next to each other at the piano and play Love's Old Sweet Song together.
  • When Bloom climbs into bed, he sees Boylan's impress there.

Episode 18: Penelope

  • In Molly's wandering thoughts before she drifts off to sleep, she often reflects on her affair with Boylan.
  • He is extremely vigorous in bed, and she thinks that he has the biggest penis she has ever seen. They had sex three or four times, and once she was orgasming for several minutes.
  • Molly fantasizes about Boylan writing her letters or maybe the two of them could make a secret trip up to Belfast together.
  • That said, she was offended at how he slapped her rump before he left, and she thinks that compared to Stephen he is an ignoramus.