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by James Joyce

Matt Lenehan Timeline and Summary

Episode 7: Aeolus

  • Lenehan bumps into Bloom as he rushes to make Keyes. The newspaper boys imitate Bloom's jerky walk and Lenehan joins in.
  • Later, Lenehan tries to tell a riddle to the group of men but it falls flat. He also makes up a limerick about MacHugh.
  • When the subject of Molly Bloom comes up, Lenehan offers an off-color remark.
  • When they all head to the bar, Lenehan leads the way.

Episode 10: The Wandering Rocks

  • Tom Rochford shows his invention to Nosey Flynn, Lenehan, and M'Coy. Lenehan says that he'll pass on the idea to Boylan when he sees him at the Ormond Hotel at 4pm. Lenehan and M'Coy exit.
  • Lenehan and M'Coy recount a heroic instance in which Rochford pulled a man out of a manhole.
  • M'Coy goes into Sceptre to check on a horse that he's betting on. Inside he bumps into Bantam Lyons who is betting on the long-shot that (he thinks) Bloom gave him in Episode 4.
  • Lenehan and M'Coy continue on and see Bloom looking at books under Merchant's Arch. M'Coy recounts a time that Bloom bought a book on astronomy, and Lenehan laughs.
  • Lenehan recounts a time riding back in a carriage with the Bloom's when he and Molly fooled around on the seat while Bloom was sitting right there looking out at the stars and naming them. He pants with laughter.
  • M'Coy sticks up for Bloom and thinks that there is a touch of the artist in him.

Episode 11: Sirens

  • Shortly after 4pm, Lenehan enters the Concert Room at the Ormond Hotel. He asks the barmaids if Boylan has been in looking for him. They say that he has not. Lenehan sits down.
  • Lenehan passes on greetings from Stephen Dedalus to his father. He tells him about the scene at Mooney's where Stephen and them all went drinking after the "Aeolus" episode.
  • Lenehan waits impatiently for Boylan. He asks Miss Douce a question about the opera The Rose of Castille.
  • Miss Douce tells him, "Ask no questions and you'll hear no lies" (11.219).
  • Blazes Boylan enters and sits beside Lenehan.
  • Miss Douce reaches up for a glass, and Lenehan looks at her bust and gasps exaggeratedly.
  • Boylan tells her to grow, and she coyly tells him "Fine good in small parcels" (11.237).
  • Boylan pays by tossing a coin down on the bar. Lenehan thinks his pick for the race will do well, and Boylan says that he plunged a bit on account of a friend.
  • Lenehan talks Miss Douce into raising her skirts and snapping her garter on her thigh to sound the hour. She smiles at Boylan as she does so.
  • Boylan tosses back his drink and makes to exit. Lenehan says that he has to tell him about Tom Rochford's invention, and Boylan tells Lenehan to walk with him.

Episode 12: Cyclops

  • Shortly after 5pm, Lenehan enters Barney Kiernan's pub.
  • As they disparage the English, Lenehan jumps in with a bit of French cursing the English.
  • Lenehan tells them about the results of the race. A no-name horse called Throwaway won at twenty-to-one odds. Lenehan announces that he, Boylan, and Boylan's lady friend (likely Molly) all lost money betting on the horse Spectre.
  • Lenehan goes to play with the citizen's dog.
  • The citizen curses the French, and Lenehan jumps on board.
  • Later, when Bloom leaves, Lenehan bets that he left to go collect money from his bet on Throwaway. He heard from Bantam Lyons that Bloom gave him the tip (a mistake), and assumes Bloom must also be cashing in.
  • Cunningham asks for Bloom. Lenehan says that he's busy defrauding widows and orphans.
  • Later, O'Molloy and Lenehan joke about how every Jew thinks he's the Messiah.

Episode 14: Oxen of the Sun

  • The Episode opens at 10pm in the National Maternity Hospital, 29-31 Holles Street, presided over by Sir Andrew Horne. When Bloom is led up to a room where a bunch of medical doctors, students, and men about town are gathered he finds that Lenehan in particular is making a ruckus.
  • Lenehan keeps pouring rounds as the doctors argue about the law that says if life is in danger during pregnancy, the child's life must take precedence over the mother's.
  • Dixon and the others begin teasing Stephen about why he didn't take friar's vows. Lenehan makes a bawdy joke, and they all laugh in delight.
  • Lenehan and Costello are described as fairly worthless fellows, and the men begin to discuss the foot and mouth problem prevalent among Irish cows (the subject of Mr. Deasy's letter in Episode 3).
  • Lenehan and Lynch tease Stephen about his youth, and his (as yet unfulfilled) ambition. They cross the line when Lenehan kids Stephen about the death of his mother.
  • The men begin to discuss the Gold Cup race. Lenehan recounts the finish, where Throwaway came from behind and beat Sceptre.
  • Lynch reveals to Lenehan that he and his girlfriend Kitty were messing around in the bushes and were nearly caught by Father Conmee (in Episode 10, "The Wandering Rocks").
  • Later, Lenehan proceeds to Burke's pub with the other men.

Episode 15: Circe

  • In Bloom's masochistic fantasy, Lenehan picks Molly's hair off Boylan's coat and congratulates him on his conquest. Boylan has Lenehan smell his fingers, and Lenehan thinks that they smell like lobster and mayonnaise.