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by James Joyce

Millicent (Milly) Bloom Timeline and Summary

Episode 4: Calypso

  • In this episode, we learn that Milly is living away from home for the first time. She is in the photo business and has an interest in a young singer.
  • Milly send a letter to her father and a card to her mother. Leopold, in particular, dotes on Milly. He thinks about how beautiful she is, wonders if this young singer is good enough for her, and considers taking a trip to see her sometime in August.

Episode 11: Sirens

  • Bloom thinks about Milly several times, and wonders that she has no ear for music even though her mother is a singer.

Episode 13: Nausicaa

  • After Bloom finishes masturbating on the beach by Sandymount Strand, he is thinking of all the different women in his life. He thinks of Milly, and wonders if this Mullingar student is good enough for her. He remembers her sitting before Molly's dressingtable as a young girl.
  • Later, he thinks how odd it is that Milly (and other children) aren't afraid of death but they are afraid of being separated from their mother's for a brief instant. He remembers Milly doing up his waistcoat buttons when she was little, and her crying in the night for him when she had growing pains, and how terrified she was when she had her first period.

Episode 14: Oxen of the Sun

  • The young student Alec Bannon is gossiping about a girl that he met in Mullingar, who turns out to be Milly Bloom. He says they are dating now, and he wishes he had protection while he was there. He resolves to buy condoms while he is in Dublin.

Episode 15: Circe

  • During one of Bloom's long dream sequences, he thinks that he sees Molly. The imagined Bella Cohen points out that it is Milly with the Mullingar student Alec Bannon. Milly calls out to her father before disappearing.

Episode 17: Ithaca

  • A bit after 2am in Bloom's kitchen, Stephen tells an anti-Semitic tale that makes Bloom think of Milly.
  • All of Bloom's memories of Milly's childhood and adolescence are listed. Her extended departure from home has bothered Bloom less than he imagined but more than he hoped.
  • The cat wanders out of the kitchen, and Bloom begins to think of all the similarities and differences between Milly and the cat, focusing on different moments in Milly's life when she acted cat-like (e.g. pulling at a plait of her hair).
  • Bloom once gave Milly an owl and a clock as presents, both of which were intended to instruct as well as please her.
  • Milly reciprocated his generosity in three particular ways. First, on his 27th birthday, she bought him his crown Derby mug (which he is not using for Stephen's benefit). Second, when she went shopping with Bloom she was attentive to his needs. Third, after Bloom explained a certain natural phenomenon to her she wished that she had one thousandth of his knowledge.

Episode 18: Penelope

  • Molly is lying in bed reflecting on her day before she drifts off sometime after 4am.
  • It was Bloom's idea to send Milly to photography school in Mullingar, and Molly suspects that he did it because he saw her affair with Boylan coming.
  • She begins to think of Milly and how she fawns over her father, though she thinks that Milly would come to her if anything was actually wrong.
  • She remembers sewing a button on Milly's jacket and smelling cigarette smoke on her, and thinks it's just as well she went to Mullingar because she was getting to that age where she would test all sorts of boundaries.
  • Molly thinks that Milly is wild and beautiful like she was at that age.
  • Molly remembers a boy that Milly was bringing over for meals regularly and how she wandered if it was true love. She thinks that a dedicated man who believes in love is tough to find nowadays.
  • Molly suspects that Milly knows how pretty she is.