by James Joyce
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Ulysses Sex Quotes Page 4

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Citations follow this format: (Chapter.Paragraph), except for the "Circe" episode, which is (Chapter.Line) and the "Penelope" episode, which is (Chapter.Page). We used the Vintage International edition published in 1990.
Quote #10

What else we given all those desires for Id like to know I cant help it if Im young still can I it's a wonder Im not an old shriveled hag before my time living with him so cold never embracing me except sometimes when hes asleep the wrong end of me not knowing. (18.777)

We here learn that not only does Molly suspect Bloom of a number of indiscretions and not only have they not had sex in ten years, but Bloom isn't even physically affectionate with her. What role does their son Rudy's death play in their sexual relationship? Why might it have taken the pleasure out of sex for them? Does Bloom's behavior justify Molly's decision to have an affair?

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