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by James Joyce

The Dedalus Sisters Timeline and Summary

Episode 10: The Wandering Rocks

  • The Dedalus sisters appear briefly in several of the sections of the episode.
  • Katey and Boody have been trying to pawn off books with no success, and Maggy has made a soup for them that was donated to her by Sister Mary Patrick. Boody curses her father, and Maggy scolds her.
  • Meanwhile, Dilly runs into her father in the street and asks him for money. He tries to act fatherly and tells her to stand up straight, but she tells him to stop making a fool of himself.
  • He gives her two shillings, but she thinks that he has more. He denies it.
  • Later, Dilly runs into Stephen at a bookcart. She has bought a French primer in an effort to learn French. Stephen considers helping her, but is too afraid of ending up in the same situation.