by James Joyce
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Ulysses Time Quotes Page 4

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Citations follow this format: (Chapter.Paragraph), except for the "Circe" episode, which is (Chapter.Line) and the "Penelope" episode, which is (Chapter.Page). We used the Vintage International edition published in 1990.
Quote #10

Shes restless knowing shes pretty with her lips so red a pity they wont stay that way I was too but theres no use going to the fair with the thing answering me like a fishwoman when I asked to go for a half a stone of potatoes the day we met. (18.767-768)

This is a clip of Molly's thought from "Penelope" where she is remembering her daughter Milly. What we're interested in here is how having children heightens and changes one's sense of time. How does having a child that resembles you effect how you think of time? Is it more complex than that it just makes you feel old? Does it also make time seem somehow circular, as if things are repeating themselves?

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