by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Ulysses Resources

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Tennyson and his Times
Victorian Web's massive site for Tennyson.


An Animated Reading of the Poem
A picture of Tennyson that is made to look as though it were reading.


The Poet

Tennyson when he was really old.

Tennyson's Grave

A brief description of Tennyson and a picture of his gravestone in Westminster.

Arthur Henry Hallam

Picture of Hallam, Tennyson's good friend whose death was the impetus behind several of Tennyson's major poems, including "Ulysses."

A Handsome Tennyson

Tennyson as a young man.

Tennyson's Estate

A picture of Tennyson's house in the Isle of Wight.

Location of Ithaca

A map showing where Ithaca is located.


Listen to the Poem
A reading of the poem accompanied by a picture.
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