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Uncle Tom's Cabin

Uncle Tom's Cabin


by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 35 Summary

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  • Cassy confronts Legree about his cruel treatment of Tom.
  • Legree tells her to shut up. She can behave herself or she can stay down in the quarters and work like the rest.
  • Cassy has some influence over Legree, despite her position.
  • She warns Legree to watch out, saying, "You’re afraid of me, Simon, […] and you’ve reason to be! But be careful, for I’ve got the devil in me!"
  • We get the picture that Cassy isn’t a regular fieldworker – she’s more of Legree’s concubine. The only reason Legree put Cassy out in the field with Uncle Tom the other day was because she had quarreled with him.
  • The reason for Cassy’s anger? Legree’s purchase of Emmeline. Not because Cassy’s jealous – she actually really hates Legree – but because she doesn’t want the poor girl to be ruined by him.
  • Legree’s treatment of Tom has also outraged her. She lets him know that he will never break Tom.
  • Sambo enters and tells Legree that he’s found some kind of charm on Tom, "Something that niggers gets from witches. Keeps ‘em from feeling’ when they flogged." This charm had been tied around Tom’s neck. It’s a silver dollar with a blonde curl of hair (i.e., the gifts from Eva).
  • Legree screams in fear when he sees it and tells Sambo to take the relics and burn them.
  • While Legree is wondering where Tom got that "witch thing," Emmeline begins to chant a hymn. Legree screams and curses, but she keeps singing.
  • Legree decides he’ll leave Tom alone from now on.
  • Legree gets Sambo and Quimbo to come keep him company. They all get drunk together.
  • Cassy sees them singing, whooping, and knocking over chairs as she comes inside.
  • Cassy goes upstairs to Emmeline’s room.

READ THE BOOK: Chapter 35

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