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Uncle Tom's Cabin

Uncle Tom's Cabin


by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 43 Summary

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  • George Shelby sends Cassy the bill of sale for Eliza.
  • Madame de Thoux (the aforementioned French lady) and Cassy travel to Canada in search of their family members – a brother and a daughter, respectively.
  • George and Eliza have made a life in Canada for the past five years.
  • Eventually, Madame de Thoux and Cassy find them. Though the pastor that takes them to the Harris household has prepared a little speech, Madame de Thoux immediately throws her arms around George and declares herself his sister, Emily.
  • Then Cassy sees Eliza, embraces her, and says, "Darling, I’m your mother!"
  • After much confusion, the whole story is explained and the families are reunited.
  • Madame de Thoux has a fortune and wants to use it for her family. George asks for an education. So they decide to go to France for a while. Emmeline goes with them and marries the first mate of the ship.
  • George Harris goes to university in France. Then the family decides to seek their fortunes in Liberia.
  • Miss Ophelia takes Topsy home with her to Vermont. Topsy endears herself to everybody and becomes an excellent Christian woman and, eventually, a missionary to Africa.
  • And, finally, Cassy’s son is discovered. He plans to join his family in Africa.

READ THE BOOK: Chapter 43

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