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Uncle Tom's Cabin

Uncle Tom's Cabin


by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Evangeline St. Clare Timeline and Summary

  • Eva and Tom meet on board the boat headed South. Eva says she hopes her Papa will buy him.
  • Moments later, Eva falls overboard and Tom rescues her from drowning.
  • Eva insists her father buy Tom. She and Tom are fast friends from then on.
  • Eva is always saying and doing things that shock her mother and Miss Ophelia – in large part because she thinks of the St. Clares’ slaves as members of the family, and she loves them dearly.
  • Eva gets upset over Prue’s death. She takes it "deep into her heart," where she thinks about injustice.
  • Slowly, as Eva starts to realize she’s dying, she begins to do the things she feels are important: she starts to teach Mammy to read, she befriends Topsy, and she spends lots of time with Tom talking about her faith.
  • Eva’s true moment of shining glory is when she helps Topsy become a better person.
  • Eva tries to talk to her father about the fact that she is going to die, but he avoids the talk, wanting to believe she’s going to get better. But she does manage to get him to agree to free Tom after she dies.
  • Tom grows exceedingly close to her, as he has the strength to carry her around the plantation during the times when she most needs it.
  • When she realizes the end is near, Eva calls all the slaves to her bedside. She gives them each a tiny blonde curl and asks them to remember that God loves them.
  • That night, Eva dies, but she welcomes death as the moment when she enters the kingdom of heaven.