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Uncle Tom's Cabin

Uncle Tom's Cabin


by Harriet Beecher Stowe

George Harris Timeline and Summary

  • George’s "master" has hired him out to work for a manufacturing company. When he visits to see how George is keeping up, his boss, Mr. Wilson, praises George for his talent and the machine he invented. The master decides this is reason enough to take George home and keep him doing menial tasks.
  • George visits his wife Eliza and lets her know his plan to escape. He will go to Canada and work until he has enough money to liberate her and their son.
  • A disguised George walks into a tavern and commences talking with some men about the reward offered for George’s return, dead or alive.
  • George reveals his identity to Mr. Wilson, his old boss, who is among the gentlemen talking about him. He tells Mr. Wilson his plan and refuses to be dissuaded. He says that he has no nation and no need to be loyal to the law.
  • George is reunited with his wife, Eliza. They leave for Canada with Phineas, an abolitionist Quaker.
  • George stands on top of some rocks and declares his intention to shoot any of the slave catchers who proceed up the hill towards him.
  • George shoots at Tom Loker and hits him in the side.
  • George, Eliza (now disguised as a man), and their son Harry (disguised as a girl) make it to Canada.
  • George goes to France with his family and receives a university education. Afterwards, they emigrate to Liberia.