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Uncle Tom's Cabin

Uncle Tom's Cabin


by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Topsy Timeline and Summary

  • St. Clare buys Topsy when he hears her being beaten once again by her mistress. He gives her to Miss Ophelia to see what Miss Ophelia can do with her.
  • As Miss Ophelia instructs Topsy how to make her bed, Topsy steals a ribbon and a pair of gloves. She denies that she stole the ribbon when she is caught but admits she stole the gloves. Then, when Miss Ophelia demands that she confess to anything else she’s stolen, Topsy confesses to stealing Eva’s necklace and another servant’s earrings.
  • When Eva walks in wearing the necklace and the servant comes in with her earrings, Topsy tells Miss Ophelia that she confessed because that’s what Miss Ophelia demanded.
  • Topsy just will not be good. But she responds to Eva when Eva says she loves her. She begins to bring gifts to Eva, especially when Eva is ill.
  • Topsy is heartbroken when Eva dies. Who will love her now?
  • Miss Ophelia tells Topsy that she will learn to love her and Topsy’s heart is melted.
  • When St. Clare dies, Miss Ophelia takes Topsy back to Vermont with her, where she turns into a good, Christian woman.