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Uncle Vanya

Uncle Vanya


by Anton Chekhov

Uncle Vanya Act 4 Summary

  • In Vanya's room, Telegin and Marina sit and wind wool to make stockings. They talk about how Serebryakov and Yelena are getting ready to leave.
  • Telegin says that he hid Vanya's gun in the cellar to keep him from killing himself. (He'd probably miss, though, right?)
  • Astrov and Vanya come in arguing. Astrov claims that Vanya has stolen some morphine from him and can't leave until he gets it back.
  • Sonya enters, and Astrov tattles to her about the morphine. She begs her uncle to give it back, and he finally does.
  • Sonya takes her uncle away to make up with her dad, and Yelena shows up to say goodbye to Astrov.
  • Sonya hints that she does kind of like him, even if it's something that would never work out.
  • Serebryakov, Vanya, Mariya, Telegin, and Sonya all come back, and Serebryakov apologizes to Vanya. Vanya promises to continue to send Serebryakov money from the estate's earnings.
  • Everyone leaves except for Astrov and Vanya, and Vanya doesn't know what to do with himself. He wants to get to work.
  • Sonya and Mariya come back after seeing off Serebryakov and Yelena, and everyone settles in to start writing bills and knitting. Astrov leaves everyone going about their business.
  • Vanya is sad, and Sonya tells him that they must continue living until it's time for them to die, and then they shall rest. Bummer.

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