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Upon Julia's Clothes
Upon Julia's Clothes
by Robert Herrick

Upon Julia's Clothes Resources

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Your go-to for all things Herrick.

Hesperides (1648)

Read all the poems for yourself. It might take you a while.


Robert Herrick Songs

Herrick's poetry is often set to music, and while Shmoop couldn't find a video of "Upon Julia's Clothes," you might take a peek at this one, which includes four other poems.


"Upon Julia's Clothes"

With the proper British accent.


They Were Defeated

Our man Mr. Herrick is a character in this historical novel. We wonder how much the novel Robert resembles the real one.


Robert Herrick

Looks like he got his hairdo tips from Little Orphan Annie.

Hesperides (1648)

Here's the title page, in all its old school glory.

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