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Uranus (Ouranos, Caelus)

Uranus (Ouranos, Caelus)

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Uranus (Ouranos, Caelus) Photos

My Awful Son
What kind of monster would do this to his own father? [The Mutilation of Uranus by Saturn by Giorgio Vasari and Cristofano Gherardi, 16th century]

Further Evidence that Kronos is Awful
I may have locked up the Cyclopes and Hekatonkheires, but at least I never ate any of my children. [Saturn, Jupiter's father, devours one of his sons, Neptune by Peter Paul Reubens, 1636-1638]

Young and Buff
I was hot stuff back when Gaia and I first got together. [Fresco from Imperial Roman period]

Dull Planet
Is it just me, or does the planet named after me look kind of boring? [Compiled from pictures taken of Uranus by Voyager II, 1986]

Amazing Me
I look good in blue.

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