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Uranus (Ouranos, Caelus)'s Wall



Big daddy sky mean. Bury us in mamma earth.


We smash!



You can't smash the sky, idiots. I swear, you Cyclopes have one eye and half a brain.



Point proven.


alsdjfa;lwkfh;lsakhKSKKKKKskahfh!!!!! zmsnfmdnalkdn&&^%% 89&&&&&&&&&&&&&asfhaskjfhskjhaskj

No one has any idea what you're saying. Ever.



Yeah, I'm really glad Gaia and I helped form the universe out of you. You're a total mess.


& ☹ !

I'm feeling a little low, Atlas. Why don't you give me a boost?

Why don't you lose some weight, jerk.

There's no need to be nasty.

I didn't ask to hold you up forever. Do you know how awful my life is because of you?

Hey, Zeus is the one who doomed you to hold the sky up forever.

Yeah, but you're the one who eats a pint of Ben and Jerry's twice a day.

Hmm...your life is so awful, huh? Well, maybe you shouldn't have backed Kronos in the War of the Titans. I told my son that one of his children would bring him down just like he did to me.

I had to be loyal to my king.

Yeah, your king who's free from Tartarus and living it up in Elysium these days. My son is a faithless sniveling weakling!

Was he weak when he chopped off your man-parts?

I think I shall eat four pints of Ben and Jerry's today.

I'm thinking I should be a little less honest on my OK Cupid profile.

☺ I'll help you spice it up, Dad! ☺

Really?! Wow, that's so nice.

Hey, I was born from your... um... unfortunate incident. It's the least I could do.

Just wondering how Kronos feels about making the same mistakes that his dear old dad did.

Whatever. That's all in the past.

It stinks being dethroned by your own son, huh?

Probably not as bad as being dethroned and un-manned.

You're really going to brag about that?

Look, that was Mom's idea.

Uranus deserved it! You both deserved to fall! How dare you lock up my beautiful Cyclopean babies?


Mean daddy sky. Put us in dirt.


Mean brother Kronos. Throw us in black hole.


We big smash!



Seriously, Dad, why don't you un-friend these guys?

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