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by Thomas More

Utopia: Name That Utopian Custom Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Utopia? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. What's the deal with fashion in Utopia?

It's a HUGE deal! You need to look good.
Everyone wears exactly the same thing.
Men and women each have a standard uniform depending on their marital situation.
Depending on what class you are, you wear different clothes.
Q. Time for some fun. What kind of games do they play in Utopia?

Gambling is everyone's favorite.
Education games! Like Virtues vs. Vices
They do not play games in Utopia.
Mostly sports. They're pretty competitive.
Q. Looking for work? What kinds of occupations are open in Utopia?

Anything. As long as you're talented, you can do whatever you want
Farming is really the only option.
Most people are lawyers. They are very serious about the law.
You do have options, but it needs to be a useful trade, like carpentry or weaving.
Q. Who gets to be in charge in Utopia?

A Prince is elected by the people from a select group of citizens.
There's no central government in Utopia; every city does its own thing.
The descendants of King Utopus have ruled for a long time.
There's a committee of syphogrants who run the whole island together.
Q. I'm interested in philosophy. Is Utopia is a good place for me to live?

Nope. Utopians value practicality, you should look elsewhere.
Only if it's about religion.
Absolutely! Utopians consider philosophy to be crucial to a good life.
Only certain cities are allowed to hold philosophical debates.