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by Thomas More
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Utopia Dissatisfaction Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

When the Cardinal had concluded, they all began praising enthusiastically ideas which they had received with contempt when I suggested them (1.25-26)

See? If you're not important, no one listens. (It's okay, Hythloday, we're listening.)

Quote #5

Now in a meeting like this one, where so much is at stake, where so many brilliant men are competing to think up schemes of conquest, what if an insignificant fellow like myself were to get up and advise going on another tack entirely?

From the tone of Hythloday's question, we're guessing the answer isn't too optimistic.

Quote #6

Either they will seduce you, or, if you remain honest and innocent, you will be made a screen for the [...] folly of others. Influencing policy indeed! You wouldn't have a chance! (1.38)

As Hythloday laments the realities of politics, it really starts to sound like a lose/lose situation...

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