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by Thomas More
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Utopia Dissatisfaction Quotes Page 3

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Quote #7

[F]or I lived [in Utopia] more than five years, and would never have left, if it had not been to make that new world known to others. (1.40)

We get it, Hythloday. Europe = bad; Utopia = good. Do you think Utopia is just the opposite of Europe? Or are there some overlapping aspects?

Quote #8

In fact [the Utopians] have not discovered even one of those elaborate rules about restrictions, amplifications and suppositions which our own schoolboys study in the Small Logicals. (2.66)

If you think Hythloday actually has something positive to say about European education, think again. He's making fun of all these various "philosophical" exercises he (and, obviously, More) think are useless.

Quote #9

I have undertaken only to describe [Utopian] principles, not to defend them. But of this I am sure, that whatever you think of their ideas, there is not a more excellent people or a more flourishing commonwealth anywhere in the whole world. (2.77)

Is it us, or is Hythloday sounding a tad defensive here?

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