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by Thomas More

Utopia Dissatisfaction Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Book.Page) based on the 1989 Cambridge University Press edition

Quote #1

As a matter of fact, there are so many men soliciting favors from the great that it will be no great loss if they have to do without me and a couple of others like me. (1.13)

But we thought Hythloday wasn't interested in "soliciting favors"? He sure has quite a bit to say about it at the Cardinal's dinner.

Quote #2

Such proud, obstinate, ridiculous judgements I have encountered many times and once even in England. (1.14-15)

It's not just a few people who are problematic—it's everywhere. Sigh... if only there were some far away island where they did things right.

Quote #3

Your sheep […] that commonly are so meek and eat so little; now, as I hear, they have become so greedy and fierce that they devour men themselves. (1.18-19)

You know things are bad when even the sheep turn into greedy man-eaters. Yikes. Things in Europe are not looking good.

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