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by Thomas More

Utopia Exploration Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Book.Page) based on the 1989 Cambridge University Press edition

Quote #1

The most invincible King of England, Henry the Eighth...had recently some differences of no slight import with Charles, the most serene Prince of Castile, and sent me into Flanders as his spokesman to discuss and settle them. (1.8)

Not the most riveting opening lines in literary history, but Utopia's opening lines do place the theme of exploration and travel—of all kinds—front and center.

Quote #2

Being marooned in this way was altogether agreeable to [Hythloday], as he was more eager to pursue his travels than afraid of death. He would often say "The man who has no grave is covered by the sky" and "The road to heaven is equally short from all places." (1.10)

People took exploration very seriously in the 16th century. Back in the day, travel really was a life or death matter.

Quote #3

But of all the alternatives, I prefer the method [of punishment] I observed in my Persian travels among the people commonly called the Polylerites. (1.23)

Hythloday is using himself as an example of how exposure to different cultures is another kind of education.

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