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Utopia Pride Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Book.Page) based on the 1989 Cambridge University Press edition

Quote #4

Fear of want, no doubt, makes every living creature greedy and avaricious, and man, besides, develops these qualities out of pride, which glories in putting down others by a superfluous display of possessions. But this sort of vice has no place in the Utopian way of life. (2.57)

How to be pride-free in five years or less: move to Utopia! But if you can't, does Hythloday offer any pragmatic suggestions? Or is he just spouting off unattainable ideals?

Quote #5

[The Utopian] elders introduce topics of conversation, which they try not to make gloomy or dull. They never monopolize the conversation with long monologues, but are ready to hear what the young men say. (2.59)

Pride seems to be totally absent from Utopian day-to-day practices. We can't help but point out the irony, though, of Hythloday discouraging anyone to give really, really long monologues. Ahem.

Quote #6

Isn't it the same kind of absurdity to be pleased by empty, ceremonial honors? What true or natural pleasure can you get from someone's bent knee or bared head? (2.72)

Hythloday is suggesting that the problem with pride is that it only seems to be enjoyable when, in reality, it's actually just empty.

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