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by Thomas More
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Utopia Pride Quotes Page 3

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Quote #7

And in fact I have no doubt that every man's perception of where his true interest lies [...] would long ago have brought the whole world to adopt Utopian laws, were it not for one single monster, the prime plague and begetter of all others—I mean Pride. (2.109)

Can we really boil down all of Europe's problems to this one quality? Hythloday seems to think so. Is that realistic?

Quote #8

Pride is a serpent from hell that twines itself around the hearts of men […] to hold them back from choosing a better way of life. (2.110)

What's the effect of making pride a force outside of human control? Why might Hythloday use this kind of language?

Quote #9

Pride is too deeply fixed in human nature to be easily plucked out. (2.110)

Hythloday has now switched from pride being external to pride being internal. Why would he change? Which does he believe?

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