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Utopia Pride Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Book.Page) based on the 1989 Cambridge University Press edition

Quote #1

Now in a court composed of people who envy everyone else and admire only themselves, if a man should suggest something [...] the other courtiers would think their reputation for wisdom was endangered [...] unless they could find fault with his proposal. (1.14)

Apparently pride is not one of the seven habits of highly effective people. Right off the bat, we can tell it will get in the way for everyone, all the way up to the top dogs.

Quote #2

However abundant goods may be, when every man tries to get as much as he can for his own exclusive use, a handful of men end up sharing the whole pile, and the rest are left in poverty (1.39)

Surprise, surprise. Hythloday wants to make sure to connect pride and wealth. What features do we later see on the island of Utopia that might prevent wealth from creating pride?

Quote #3

For where money is the measure of everything, many vain, superfluous trades are bound to be carried on simply to satisfy luxury and licentiousness. (2.53)

Hythloday is really upping the stakes here. Now Pride isn't just a personal flaw, it's an economic issue. Who knew?

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