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by Thomas More

Utopia: Quotes (What Was Said) True or False

1. Who said, "Don't get angry, good Friar, for it is written, In your patience possess ye your souls"? -> The Fool
2. Who said, "Pride would not deign even to be made a goddess if there were no wretches for her to sneer at and domineer over"? -> Hythloday
3. Who said "Then you're off the mark, for his sailing has not been like that of Palinurus, but more that of Ulysses, or rather of Plato"? -> Peter Giles
4. Who said "Hold your tongue, for you won't be finished in a few words if this is the way you start"? -> Cardinal Morton
5. Who said, "I freely confess that in the Utopian commonwealth there are many features that in our own societies I would like rather than expect to see"? -> Thomas More