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by Thomas More

Utopia Society and Class Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Book.Page) based on the 1989 Cambridge University Press edition

Quote #7

The Utopians keep as slaves only prisoners taken in wars fought by the Utopians themselves. (2.80)

Slaves? In an equal society? Don't ask us, we're confused too. Notice how Hythloday has presented it using positive language: "they only have these kinds of slaves..." Does he have good reasoning for this aspect of the system?

Quote #8

[The Utopians] do allow divorce for adultery or for intolerably offensive behavior (2.82)

Do you think divorce and social equality have any connection? Hythloday seems to think so.

Quote #9

What kind of justice is it when a nobleman, a goldsmith, a moneylender, or someone else who makes his living by doing either nothing at all or something completely useless to the commonwealth gets to live a life of luxury and grandeur, while in the meantime a laborer, carter, or a farmer works so hard and so constantly that even beasts of burden would scarcely endure it? (2.107-108)

Just another example of how Hythloday likes to gauge social problems using comparisons to animals (remember the man-eating, mutant sheep?).

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