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by Thomas More

Utopia Wealth Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Book.Page) based on the 1989 Cambridge University Press edition

Quote #7

While they eat from earthenware dishes and drink from glass cups […] their chamber pots and all their humblest vessel […] are made of gold and silver. (2.63)

Yep, that's right. The Utopians are pooping in gold toilets. Need any more proof that they don't care about wealth?

Quote #8

The Utopians are appalled at those people who practically worship a rich man. (2.65)

This passage isn't part of the religion section, so why are we talking about worship? We're guessing that Hythloday is also thinking that wealth should not equal religion.

Quote #9

Speaking of false pleasure, what about those who pile up money, not for any real purpose, but just to sit and look at it? Is that true pleasure, or aren't they simply cheated by a show of pleasure? (2.72)

Call on us! We know the answer! Hythloday sure knows how to ask a leading question. We dare you to find 'em all.

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