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Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair


by William Makepeace Thackeray

George Osborne Timeline and Summary

  • The son of a rich stock broker, George is the apple of his father's eye. From birth he is spoiled rotten and given no limits, all because his father hopes to make a gentleman of him.
  • At school he befriends Dobbin, who sticks up for him when George is being bullied by an older boy. He is also sometimes picked on by Amelia's brother Jos.
  • George reunites with Amelia after she graduates. He takes her, Jos, and Becky to Vauxhall.
  • When he realizes Jos wants to marry Becky, George teases him mercilessly into shamefully leaving the country rather than proposing.
  • When Amelia's father goes bankrupt, George's father asks him to break off the relationship with Amelia. George refuses, but his father insists and tells him to propose to a rich vulgar orphan girl instead of Amelia. George is furious and leaves.
  • After Dobbin finds Amelia, George comes to her and marries her.
  • On their honeymoon in Brighton, George and Amelia run into Becky and Rawdon. George spends a lot of time with them, gambling and losing lots of money to Rawdon.
  • When he finds out that his father has disowned him because of his marriage, George takes out his whole life savings and starts spending it willy-nilly, thinking that he is behaving like an honorable gentleman.
  • The army is called away to fight Napoleon, and George crosses the Channel with his regiment.
  • In Brussels he is embarrassed by the loud Mrs. O'Dowd and the rest of the regimental wives. He doesn't think they are fit company for Amelia, though it's clear he is being superficial and is wrong.
  • When Becky arrives in Brussels, George is immediately obsessed with her.
  • During a fancy ball, he leaves Amelia sitting on a chair and dances only with Becky. At the end of the night, he slips Becky a note asking her to run off with him.
  • He gets news that the regiment is supposed to march to the front in a few hours, and he feels bad about his desire to cheat on Amelia. He goes back to the hotel where they are staying and sort of makes up with her.
  • On the battlefield he is shot through the heart and ends up dead, face-down in a puddle of mud.