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by The Velvet Underground

Video & Audio

Klein "Heroin"

Lou Reed plays "Heroin" solo on a Klein guitar.

Acetate version of "Heroin"

The original version of "Heroin," which was replaced by a rerecorded version for the album release.

Billy Idol's "Heroin"

Idol reinterpreted the song as a dance number; allmusic.com calls it the worst cover of all time, but you be the judge.

"Venus In Furs"

This video, shot by Andy Warhol, is more typical of the films that the artist was creating during the time that The Velvet Underground were associated with him.

La Monte Young's "The Second Dream of the High Tension Line Step"

Where'd John Cale's distinctive viola sound come from? This guy.

John Cale and Lou Reed perform "Heroin"


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