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Venus and Adonis
Venus and Adonis
  • True/False
  • Only the Good Die Young

Venus and Adonis: Only the Good Die Young True or False

1. 1. What or who is Myrrha? -> c. The drop-dead gorgeous daughter of a dude named Cinyras
2. 2. What is Myrrha's dilemma? -> b. She is in love with two different men.
3. 3. What happens when Myrrha asks the gods to punish her? -> d. They force her to spend a whole day with Hera.
4. 4. What happens when Persephone and Venus fight over who will take care of Adonis? -> a. Zeus intervenes and gives them joint custody of Adonis.
5. 5. Why is Venus so crazy about Adonis? -> c. Cupid accidentally pricked her with his love arrow.
6. 6. How does Venus change over the course of her love affair with Adonis? -> a. She doesn't. Venus is Venus.
7. 7. What advice does Venus give Adonis? -> b. It's good to give Zeus a box of chocolates regularly.
8. 8. What happens when Adonis goes hunting? -> a. He comes across a wild boar, stabs it unsuccessfully with his spear, and is gored to death.
9. 9. Who wrote one of the most influential versions of this story? -> a. Lady GaGa (in her new hit single, "Adonis Kiss")
10. 10. Who wrote the poem Venus and Adonis? -> c. Shel Silverstein