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Venus and Adonis
Venus and Adonis
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Venus and Adonis: Only the Good Die Young Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Venus and Adonis? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!




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Q. 1. What or who is Myrrha?

a. A mirror-like lake
b. Zeus' latest crush, whom Hera hates
c. The drop-dead gorgeous daughter of a dude named Cinyras
d. A gorgon
Q. 2. What is Myrrha's dilemma?

a. She is in love with Cupid, but Cupid does not love her.
b. She is in love with two different men.
c. She wants to be immortal, but she can only be immortal if she kills her father.
d. She is deeply in love with her father.
Q. 3. What happens when Myrrha asks the gods to punish her?

a. Nothing. They are on vacation.
b. They turn her into a myrrh tree.
c. They make her the goddess of guilt and shame.
d. They force her to spend a whole day with Hera.
Q. 4. What happens when Persephone and Venus fight over who will take care of Adonis?

a. Zeus intervenes and gives them joint custody of Adonis.
b. Persephone wins, and Adonis moves to the underworld.
c. They fight so loudly that mortals think the world is ending.
d. They are so distracted that they don't notice Hera kidnapping Adonis.
Q. 5. Why is Venus so crazy about Adonis?

a. She has a weakness for his blond hair.
b. He doesn't like her, which makes her even more infatuated with him.
c. Cupid accidentally pricked her with his love arrow.
d. Adonis uses sorcery to put Venus under a love spell.
Q. 6. How does Venus change over the course of her love affair with Adonis?

a. She doesn't. Venus is Venus.
b. She spends all of her time with Adonis, neglects her goddess duties, and starts dressing like Artemis (goddess of the hunt).
c. She takes a vow of silence.
d. She starts hunting wild boar in the woods, and encourages Adonis to join her.
Q. 7. What advice does Venus give Adonis?

a. Look both ways before you cross the street.
b. It's good to give Zeus a box of chocolates regularly.
c. When hunting, kill anything that moves.
d. Only kill the "little fluffy ones" when you are hunting.
Q. 8. What happens when Adonis goes hunting?

a. He comes across a wild boar, stabs it unsuccessfully with his spear, and is gored to death.
b. He comes across a human-eating ram with a golden fleece who, well, eats him.
c. Hera abducts him.
d. He falls in love with his reflection in a stream and can't take his eyes off of himself.
Q. 9. Who wrote one of the most influential versions of this story?

a. Lady GaGa (in her new hit single, "Adonis Kiss")
b. Edgar Allan Poe (in his poem "Annabel Lee")
c. Ovid (in The Metamorphoses)
d. Sophocles (in Antigone)
Q. 10. Who wrote the poem Venus and Adonis?

a. Shakespeare
b. E.E. Cummings
c. Shel Silverstein
d. Robert Frost