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Venus and Adonis Trivia

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Adonis was apparently the name of a house DJ in the eighties. Listen to one of his songs here.

Adonis is the name of a famous poet from Syria (source).

In some versions of the myth, the boar that kills Adonis is actually the god Ares, another one of Aphrodite's lovers, in disguise (source).

In another version of the myth, Artemis sends the boar to kill Adonis, because Aphrodite caused the death of Hippolytus, a devotee of Artemis (source).

The group of young girls that hung out with poetess Sappho on the isle of Lesbos were said to worship Adonis (source).

In some myths, Aphrodite and Adonis had a daughter named Beroe, whom both Poseidon and Dionysus had the hots for (source).

Myrrh (named after Adonis's mom), a kind of nice-smelling sap, was used for embalming (preserving dead bodies) in ancient times (source).

Women once planted "gardens of Adonis," full of quick-growing herbs and lettuce that withered about as fast as they sprang up (source).

Some scholars think that the Norse god Balder was inspired by Adonis (source).

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