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A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings
A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings
by Gabriel García Márquez

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Trivia

Brain Snacks: Tasty Tidbits of Knowledge

García Márquez co-wrote the script for the movie version of his story and the film lets us in on something the story doesn't (SPOILER ALERT): the wings are fake! (Source.)

Long before he was famous, García Márquez interviewed a sailor who had been shipwrecked for a newspaper. Inspiration? (Source.)

In his Nobel Prize lecture, García Márquez mentions the crazy (to them) animals that European explorers saw on their trips to America—part of the reason that magical realism, for him, is just a part of everyday life in Latin America. (Source.)

So we know Gabo likes to make up stories in his fiction, but did you know his interviews are another example of "magical realism"? (Source.)

The director and co-writer of the movie A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, Fernando Birri, plays the very old man with enormous wings. (Source.)

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