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Where Monty Python meets your 10th grade teacher.

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What is PBIS?

What is PBIS? Spoiler alert: It's Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports. Watch the video to learn more.

How to Shmoop Videos 17 videos

AP Test Prep: Teachers

Are you interested in helping your students get a 5 on the AP® test? Are you a teacher, an administrator, or a bored teen who randomly found this...

AP Test Prep: Students

This video shows you how to use Shmoop. It focuses on login info, how to salvage your password if you've gone brain dead from studying, and how to...

College Entrance Exams: Teachers

Become wise in the ways of the Shmoop-force, and use your power to help your students ace the SAT/ACT. Do or do not watch...there is no try.

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Miscellaneous Videos 5 videos

Taking the SAT®

Where can I take the SAT? How can I prepare for the SAT? What do I need to bring? When should I take it? Where are all the cupcakes?! Whoa. Deep br...

Shmoop Video: Moby-Dick

Everyone ready for a whale of a tale? Then it’s time to check out Shmoop’s videos on Moby-Dick.* *Whale sold separately.

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Testimonial Videos 3 videos

Shmoop interSECT 2014: Best Practices Make Perfect Panel First Half

Here's the best practices panel from our very own 2014 interSECT conference down in LA, California.This is the first half of the conference, to wat...

Shmoop interSECT 2014: Best Practices Make Perfect Panel Second Half

Here's the best practices panel from our very own 2014 interSECT conference down in LA, California. This is the second half of the panel, to watch...

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What is Shmoop? Videos 19 videos

What is Shmoop College Readiness?

Are you ready for college? Shmoop provides all the prep you need to help get you there—from SAT to ACT to PSAT... and back again. Shmoop + you =...

What are Shmoop Career Resources?

Check out this video to learn how Shmoop’s Career Resources could help you find the right career. That’s how we got into the wonderful world...

What is Dr. Shmeuss?

Dr. Seuss à la Shmoop. Here you will learn all about the Lorax, Horton, and the Cat in the Hat. And of course, we'll chat about Dr. Seuss. Or shou...

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Why Should I? Videos 14 videos

Why Should I Take the GED?

Looking to prove that you have some seriously stellar high school equivalency skills? Our guide to the GED can help you get that party started with...

Why Should I Care About Reading?

Reading gives you knowledge. Knowledge makes you smart. Being smart is sexy. Need we say more?

Why Should I Take a Diagnostic Exam?

We at Shmoop are all about being proud of your strengths. We also enjoy identifying your, uh, not-so-strengths so we can help you dominate them wit...

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