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The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War

Discussion & Essay Questions

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Sample of Discussion & Essay Questions

    • In what ways did Vietnam find itself caught in the middle of larger global affairs?
      • Following World War I?
      • Following World War II?
    • How did leaders like Ho Chi Minh try to advance Vietnam's nationalist ambitions with these contexts?
      • Was this a wise strategy?
      • What does this reveal about the challenges facing small countries within the twentieth century?
    • In what sense did the United States find itself "sacrificing democracy for democracy?"
      • What compelled American policymakers to make this choice?
        • Evaluate this decision from a realistic or pragmatic point of view.
        • Evaluate this decision from an ideological point of view.
    • What was the difference between the National Liberation Front and North Vietnam?
    • What was the connection between the two?
    • What errors did the United States make in assessing the character and connections of the NLF?
      • How did broader Cold War anxieties shape American assessments of the Vietnamese conditions?
      • What alternative policies might have been pursued had the US viewed the Vietnamese conflict as a purely local conflict?