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The Vietnam War Images

Ngo Dinh Diem in the U.S.

President of South Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem (left) is welcomed at the Washington National Airport by President Dwight D. Eisenhower and several other leading government officials, May 1957.

JFK on the Communist Threat

Just three months after his inauguration, President John F. Kennedy discusses the Communist threat in Vietnam, March 1961.

John Wayne Meets With Troops

Actor John Wayne, star of the pro-war film The Green Berets, signs a soldier's helmet during his visit to Vietnam, June 1966.

Soldiers Transport Another

Soldiers carry a wounded comrade through the swamps of Vietnam, 1969.

Prayer on the War Front

A soldier stands guard in an observation tower as a chaplain holds mass, July 1967.

A Navy Gunner

A young Navy gunner off the shores of South Vietnam, March 1966.

Counting the Days

An American G.I. keeps track of the time he has left on his "short time" helmet, 1968.

A Navy Nurse with a Patient

A Navy nurse checks the medical chart of a Marine aboard a hospital ship off the coast of South Vietnam, April 1966.

U.S. Troops

U.S. troops of the 101st Airborn Division, 1966

LBJ Greets Troops

President Lyndon B. Johnson shakes the hands of troops during a visit in Vietnam, December 1967.

Wounded GIs Await Care

Wounded soldiers on the USS Tripoli await medical care; those who required more than six days of hospital care were sent back to the United States, July 1967.

A Prisoner of War

A captured Viet Cong prisoner is blindfolded to prevent escape and marked with information about the circumstances of his capture, February 1966.

Interrogating a War Prisoner

A Viet Cong suspect (sitting) is blindfolded for interrogation, December 1968.

Terrorism in Saigon

The remains of the Brinks Hotel in Saigon, South Vietnam, after Viet Cong terrorists exploded a bomb in its garage; two Americans were killed, and 107 Americans and Vietnamese were injured in the blast, December 1964.

Protesting An Imperial War

Vietnam War protesters in Wichita, Kansas, 1967.

The Buried Dead

The bodies of U.S. Marines lie half buried after a long and bloody battle at Khe Sanh, 1968.

General Westmoreland and President Johnson

General William Westmoreland and President Lyndon B. Johnson speak closely, December 1967.

A Shocking Act of Protest

Thich Quang Duc, a Buddhist monk protesting in the streets of Saigon, allows himself to be burned to death, 11 June 1963.


A U.S. lieutenant, a prisoner of war until 1973, is met by his family at a military base in California upon his return from Vietnam.

The Terror of War After the War

A Vietnamese woman carries her wounded child away from the fighting; warfare continued for two years following the departure of U.S. troops in 1973.

Fleeing South Vietnam

Following the withdrawal of U.S. forces, an onslaught by the NLF army forces thousands of Vietnamese to flee the South in buses, jeeps, cars, and military vehicles.

The Fall of Saigon

North Vietnamese tanks roll through the Presidential Palace ground in Saigon on 30 April 1975.

"The Victor"

With the fall of Saigon and the end to the war in Vietnam, Time magazine deems the late Ho Chi Minh "The Victor," May 1975.

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