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The View from Saturday
The View from Saturday
by E. L. Konigsburg
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Guide Mentor

Character Role Analysis

Mrs. Olinski

Mrs. Olinski is the official leader of The Souls as Academic Bowl competitors. She calls them "her team" and lets everyone else call them her team, also (1.1). She picks them, drills them, and, yep, guides them to victory.

Mr. Singh

Mr. Singh, in the role of Magical Asian guides the guide (Mrs. Olinski). It's not until he steps in that Mrs. Olinski figures out that she needs to choose Julian, and he's also the one who lays out the book's moral for her: "Now, you must put down anchor, look around, enjoy this port of call" (11.7). And then he caps it off by explaining how she chose her team, when even she couldn't say: "The Souls have all returned from a journey" (11.15).

Whew. It's a good thing we have him around to explain things.

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