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The View from Saturday

The View from Saturday


by E. L. Konigsburg

The View from Saturday Perseverance Quotes

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Quote #1

When I told Tillie that six steps seemed a lot to have to do before you begin, she said, "You must think of those six steps not as preparation for the beginning but as the beginning itself." ("Noah Writes a B & B Letter".26)

Calligraphy isn't for people who like to take shortcuts. (Ahem.) There's no spellcheck, no ctrl+Z, no "save." You have to take your time, and, if the cat jumps on your invitations, you have to think fast.

Quote #2

A year ago last spring he [Nadia's Grandpa Izzy] noticed a blond zaftig woman who was returning about the same time he was leaving, so he began starting out earlier and earlier until, one day, they started out together. He introduced himself and asked her if she would like to take a walk with him. She replied by inviting him to join her on her turtle walk. ("Nadia Tells of Turtle Love".26)

It wasn't enough for Izzy to marry Margaret; he ended up getting "permitted" to handle turtle hatchlings, too. We can't even sit still for an hour at a time, and this senior citizen is starting a whole new life.

Quote #3

…between the time she [Margaret Draper Diamondstein] had started as an elementary school teacher and the time she had retired as a middle school principal, sixth grade had changed, but sixth graders had changed more. Sixth graders had stopped asking "Now what?" and had started asking "So what?" She had not been sorry to retire when she did. (3.4)

Sixth graders used to be excited about learning, and now the only thing they'll persevere at is the latest version of Final Fantasy.

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