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The View from Saturday

The View from Saturday


by E. L. Konigsburg

The View from Saturday: Quotes (What Was Said) True or False

1. Who says: "Margaret I need your help, Nadia. So do the turtles. Sometimes one species has to help another get settled"? -> Nadia
2. Who says: "I've never heard of someone giving someone a pet for a present without permission and then choosing that pet's name"? -> Noah
3. Whom does this refer to?: "Inside me there was a lot of best friendship that no one but Ginger was using." -> Nadia
4. Whom does this refer to?: "They were both widows now, and they saw each other on a regular basis." -> Jilian and Nadia
5. Why is this quote significant?: "Mother then made a remark about how Western Civilization was in a decline because people of my generation knew how to nitpick but not how to write a B and B letter." -> Noah may have a lot of knowledge but he's not wise yet.