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The View from Saturday

The View from Saturday


by E. L. Konigsburg

 Table of Contents

The View from Saturday Themes

The View from Saturday Themes


What kind of person do I want to be? Who should I make friends with? And what should I have for lunch? Just like the kids in The View from Saturday, we make important choices every day. What's cool...


Friendship isn't just about racking up numbers on Facebook. (No, seriously.) In The View from Saturday, it's a lot more like some sort of weird, mystic connection that bonds you in creepy, telepath...


For apparently not caring about the win, The Souls sure are good at competition. This is the problem with underdog stories: We know that team spirit is supposed to be the important point, but it's...

Wisdom and Knowledge

Fact: knowledge is not the same as wisdom. Further fact: The View from Saturday spends a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what the difference is. The Souls have a lot of knowledge—an unbe...


If there's one thing The View from Saturday teaches us, it's that principals—like the threatening principal of Knightsbridge—don't always act with principles. And, sure, The Souls don't always,...


It takes courage to give a pink-wrapped puzzle heart to some strange kid you barely know—but Ethan does it anyway. That might be the most extreme example of courage in The View from Saturday, but...


Discipline. Focus. If preparing for the Academic Bowl required The Souls to drink raw eggs, you know they'd be doing it. All four of the kids from The View from Saturday have tremendous willpower:...


Even if The Souls didn't have spookily unnatural knowledge about famous fathers or the Native American tribes of New York State, they'd still have even better knowledge: knowledge of the self. All...

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