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A View from the Bridge

A View from the Bridge


by Arthur Miller

Eddie Carbone Timeline and Summary

  • Eddie reluctantly agrees to let Catherine have a job.
  • Seemingly benevolent, Eddie welcomes Marco and Rodolpho into his home.
  • He tries to talk Catherine out of dating Rodolpho, saying he's only using her to get his citizenship.
  • Eddie goes to Alfieri to try and find a legal way to separate Catherine and Rodolpho
  • Driven half mad when he finds the two coming out of the bedroom together, he beats up Rodolpho and forces a kiss on the boy and Catherine.
  • He calls Immigration, turning in Marco and Rodolpho.
  • Spurned by his family and community, Eddie dukes it out in the street with Marco in a vain attempt regain his reputation.
  • Eddie dies by his own knife.