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A View from the Bridge
A View from the Bridge
by Arthur Miller

A View from the Bridge Reading Quizzes

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

Act 1


1. What is Alfieri's occupation?
2. What news does Catherine have for Eddie?
3. What happened to Vinny Bolanzo, the family's teenaged neighbor?
4. How are Rodolpho and Marco related to Eddie's family?
5. What does Rodolpho hope to buy when he goes back to Italy rich someday?
6. What does Eddie suspect isn't "right" with Rodolpho?
7. Eddie tells Catherine that he is worried Rodolpho wants to marry her for what purpose?
8. According to Rodolpho and Marco, they once went where on a fishing boat?
9. What song do Catherine and Rodolpho dance to?
10. At the very end of the act, what is Marco able to do that Eddie can't manage?


1. He is a lawyer
2. That she was offered a job as a stenographer
3. He turned in his uncle to the immigration office, and was shunned by his family
4. They are his wife's (Beatrice's) cousins
5. A motorcycle
6. He suspects that Rodolpho is gay
7. To become a citizen; for "a passport"
8. Africa
9. "Paper Doll"
10. To lift a chair with one hand while kneeling on the ground