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Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot

by Samuel Beckett
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Waiting for Godot Choices Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

ESTRAGON Excuse me, Mister, the bones, you won't be wanting the bones? Lucky looks long at Estragon. POZZO (in raptures) Mister! (Lucky bows his head.) Reply! Do you want them or don't you? (Silence of Lucky. To Estragon.) They're yours. (Estragon makes a dart at the bones, picks them up and begins to gnaw them.) (1.384-5).

Lucky is incapable of making a decision, therefore one is made for him. In a sense, this is what makes Lucky lucky – the burden of responsibility has been taken from his shoulders as a condition of his servitude.

Quote #2

POZZO (He looks at the stool.) I'd very much like to sit down, but I don't quite know how to go about it. ESTRAGON Could I be of any help? […] If you asked me to sit down. ESTRAGON Would that be a help? POZZO I fancy so. ESTRAGON Here we go. Be seated, Sir, I beg of you. POZZO No no, I wouldn't think of it! (Pause. Aside.) Ask me again. ESTRAGON Come come, take a seat I beseech you, you'll get pneumonia. POZZO You really think so? ESTRAGON Why it's absolutely certain. POZZO No doubt you are right. (He sits down.) Done it again! (Pause.) Thank you, dear fellow. (1.519-531)

Pozzo, too, requires others to help him act. Again we see that choice does not enable action in this play.

Quote #3

ESTRAGON Then adieu. POZZO Adieu. VLADIMIR Adieu. POZZO Adieu. Silence. No one moves. VLADIMIR Adieu. POZZO Adieu. ESTRAGON Adieu. Silence. […] POZZO I don't seem to be able . . . (long hesitation) . . . to depart. ESTRAGON Such is life. (1.670-684)

It is Estragon, NOT Vladimir, who makes the connection here: there is a barrier between a choice to act and the actual action itself.

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