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Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot

by Samuel Beckett
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Waiting for Godot Choices Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

VLADIMIR Two thieves, crucified at the same time as our Saviour. One— ESTRAGON Our what? VLADIMIR Our Saviour. Two thieves. One is supposed to have been saved and the other . . . (he searches for the contrary of saved) . . . damned. (1.62-64)

Vladimir’s story of the two thieves reminds us of the frequent absence of choice in an uncertain world; neither thief chose to be damned or be saved, but were subject to arbitrary chance.

Quote #2

ESTRAGON I'm going. He does not move. (1.67)

The ability to choose is rendered useless when a decision cannot be joined with action. This seems constantly to be the case in Waiting for Godot.

Quote #3

ESTRAGON Who believes him? VLADIMIR Everybody. It's the only version they know. ESTRAGON People are bloody ignorant apes. (1.87-89)

Waiting for Godot argues that people are driven to beliefs by habit, popularity, and ignorance, rather than by conscious choice.

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