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Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot

by Samuel Beckett
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Waiting for Godot Friendship Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

ESTRAGON (recoiling) Who farted? VLADIMIR Pozzo. POZZO Here! Here! Pity! ESTRAGON It's revolting! VLADIMIR Quick! Give me your hand! ESTRAGON I’m going. (Pause. Louder.) I'm going. (2.566-71)

Smell is clearly an issue for Estragon. This is the second time (earlier it was Vladimir’s breath) that he recoils from another for such a reason. As we mentioned earlier, it would seem that Estragon is bothered by the visceral nature of another’s humanity. This time, however, the smell isn’t enough to drive him away; he repeats loudly that he’s going to leave, possibly in the hopes that someone will stop him.

Quote #2

VLADIMIR Make sure he's alive before you start. No point in exerting yourself if he's dead. ESTRAGON (bending over Lucky) He's breathing. VLADIMIR Then let him have it. With sudden fury Estragon starts kicking Lucky, hurling abuse at him as he does so. But he hurts his foot and moves away, limping and groaning. Lucky stirs. (2.735-7)

It’s difficult to reconcile this callous comment (about making sure Lucky is alive) with Vladimir’s earlier outrage at Pozzo’s mistreatment of Lucky. You might want to check out our character analysis of Vladimir, where we jump right into this messy business.

Quote #3

ESTRAGON (wild gestures, incoherent words. Finally.) Why will you never let me sleep? VLADIMIR I felt lonely. ESTRAGON I was dreaming I was happy. VLADIMIR That passed the time. ESTRAGON I was dreaming that— VLADIMIR (violently) Don't tell me! (Silence.) (2.774-9)

We’ve gotten this several times by this point in the play, but this one is arguably the clearest in its message. Vladimir wants Estragon awake because he’s lonely – he needs the entertainment. But he doesn’t want to invest anything personally by listening to Estragon’s dreams; this would make Estragon human, real, which Vladimir can’t seem to handle.

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