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Waiting for Godot
Waiting for Godot
by Samuel Beckett

Waiting for Godot Reading Quizzes

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

Act One


1. What article of clothing does Estragon have trouble taking off?
2. Where does Estragon tell Vladimir he spent the night?
3. What does Vladimir call Estragon?
4. What does Estragon call Vladimir?
5. What two vegetables does Vladimir give Estragon?
6. What animal does Pozzo constantly compare Lucky to?
7. Where does Pozzo say he is taking Lucky, and why?
8. What time of day does Pozzo rhapsodize about in poetic terms?
9. Lucky finally puts down his bags in order to do what?
10. What color is Lucky's hair?
11. Besides serving as his messenger, what job does the Boy do for Godot?
12. When does the Boy say Godot is going to come?
13. What does Estragon call "pale for weariness . . . of climbing heaven and gazing on the likes of us"?
14. Estragon says he'll go around barefoot from now on, comparing himself to whom?
15. How long does Vladimir think he and Estragon have been together?


1. His boot
2. In a ditch
3. Gogo
4. Didi
5. A turnip and a carrot
6. A pig/hog
7. To the fair to sell him
8. Twilight
9. Dance
10. White
11. He minds his goats.
12. Tomorrow
13. The moon
14. Jesus
15. 50 years